Women's PEOPLE FOR PEACE Collection

PEOPLE FOR PEACE jeans are made from Selvage denim. The edges of the material are sealed closed during the weaving process creating a self edge. We honor the core craftsmanship creating jeans with only the best fabric in the world combined with modern fits; one classic five pocket style in three fits.

Raw Denim / Medium Rise & Slim Leg / Jeans - PEOPLE FOR PEACE

We are the United Nations of Denim.

The «Body Politic» of global design dedicated to the desire and discriminating tastes of Denim Aficionados in the creation of the «nec plus ultra» jeans brand on the planet. We are the embodiment of contemporary culture, a design lab of international talent and technique.

PEOPLE FOR PEACE is centered in Montreal and connected to a unique team of specialists from China, Japan, India, Italy and the USA. Our designers fuse the influences from the streets of their home towns in Italy & Japan to the streets of L.A. and Montreal.

Our concepts for denim are born from the marriage of the Japanese mastery of technique with the timeless artistry of Italy and the spark of American innovation. The outcome of this passionate blend of global craft and street savvy is PEOPLE FOR PEACE.

Each step of the process reflects skill and passion; beginning with cotton cultivation, ensuring the most prestigious quality fibre for comfort, durability, and suppleness, throughout the intricate indigo dye selection and weaving process through the artistic expertise of design and fit; together creating a democratically made and priced selvage jean which is eco-friendly, ethical and durable.

Over time your raw selvage jeans will break in and lighten naturally to the contours of your body and your movement. No one pair of jeans will alter in the same way, creating a one of a kind personalized jean that true denim enthusiasts can appreciate more with every wear.

PEOPLE FOR PEACE is a registered trademark of Parasuco Jeans Inc.